Lynda studied the traditional method of lost-wax casting at Central Washington University.  In her graduate studies at the University of Washington, Lynda produced large-scale work that employed metal-fabrication techniques and sand-casting processes.

In 1982, Lynda co-established Penta Studios in Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood.  The studio provided space for five women who worked with metal as a primary medium.  Lynda fabricated sculpture for herself and other artists in bronze, aluminum, and stainless steel.

In 1985, as head of Webster University’s sculpture program, Lynda taught the complete sculpture curriculum including foundry and metal-fabrication. She also produced the following series during her years with Webster: Architecture of EarthSphere / Spiral, and Vessel / Tomb.

In 1992, Lynda returned to the Pacific Northwest as a visiting artist at the University of Washington.  She also began The Atomic West series which incorporated scientific instruments and laboratory glass.

In 1997, Lynda established her studio in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood where she created the Fossil & AshMining the EllipseMapping Strata, Contemplating the Stupa, and Charting Geologic Time series.  The work is smaller in scale and incorporates metals with fossils, hydrostone, cement, sea glass, and cast glass as component parts.

Lynda also formally expanded her business, Rockwood Enterprises LLC, to include sculpture conservation and consulting services from 1997 through 2014.